D.B.P.I.T. - The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory - CD - 11 tracks - Sweet Farewell - 2004

First of all, it may be useful for the non-initiated, to say a few words about the enigmatic and intriguing name of this band.
D.B.P.I.T. aka Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter, is the project of Flavio Rivabella... the famous post industrial trumpeter from Mushroom's Patience.

'The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory' is the third D.B.P.I.T. album after two previous confidential releases and several compilation appearances, which offered some really convincing material.

Realised in collaboration with Lendormin, this 60 minute-long brand new album also gathers a group of friends who all have a precise role in this concept album based upon the uncanny story of a man who miraculously survived a nuclear accident, loosing his left arm but developing six right hands… What a useless power for a left-handed man!… 'The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory' reports eleven episodes in the life of the one known as the 'lefty with six rights'... from Pennsylvania to his sudden phoney death... A real strange trip that makes 'The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory' stand as one of the craziest, captivating albums released this year!

It is really difficult to describe the music (a mix of repetitive sentences, timeless/apocalyptic trumpet sounds, suffering female vocals, massive/subtle drones, ghostly vocals, piano, guitar, harp… and absolutely no samples!) and/or to pick out individual tracks, since it works best as a whole, crazy, supernatural dream. Nevertheless, I can say that the third track, 'the news', is quite representative of the realisation/conceptualisation and the controlled craziness of this album… this track is nothing less than a mixture of reconstituted (and not sampled) news bulletins in several languages reporting the nuclear accident and the miraculous survival of the man with uncanny and unusual powers… a crazy project treated with seriousness and not just a 'concept- title' to make the album sound original… 'The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory' is more than just a novelty record since all tracks form an essential part of the story and contribute something to the atmosphere or to the evolution of the story…

I can't say more about this record, you just have to experiment for yourself this strange and unclassifiable album. At first approach, this may not be easy music for the non-initiated, but each listening brings the adventurous listener closer to Mr. Mallory…

Released a few months ago on the Canadian label Sweet Farewell as an edition of 500 copies, this cd comes with a booklet including all lyrics as well as a strange but fitting drawing of Mr. Mallory on the front cover.

A release such at this will be more than a gift to the numerous Mr. Mallory fan clubs throughout the world and will help them to spread the word. Perhaps even the aliens will get the message?! Who knows?

A stunning and absolutely indispensable record!

Nathalie F.
Winter 2004/05

D.B.P.I.T. : www.derbekannte.com
Sweet Farewell : www.sweetfarewell.com