DAWN AND DUSK ENTWINED - The Hikimori Songs - 10" - 5 tracks - Eternal Soul - 2005

Recently released on the German label Eternal Soul, 'The Hikimori Songs' is the new 10" from the well-established French act Dawn And Dusk Entwined. It features five news tracks in the same vein as the 'Scherzo' 7".

'The Hikimori Songs' (that I presume is a reference to the 'recluses' who, in Japan, chose to live in a total isolation) won't surprise those who are already familiar with Dawn And Dusk Entwined musical universe. The atmosphere, still oppressive and introspective, is as usual created by a fine alchemy of atmospheric, ambient and neoclassical elements mixed with cinematographic samples and occasional vocals from David... Throbbing piano melodies and religious choirs in the background also participate to the mysterious and coldness of the whole atmosphere.
This new 10" just confirms, if needed, David's talent to combine neoclassical and dark ambient musical textures... to create a very introspective and cinematic atmosphere. His work simply gains in precision, concision along the albums... with still the same capacity to treat a theme with intelligence, finesse and maturity.

On the other hand, I can't talk about the cover, artwork and quality of the record pressing as I just have a promo-cdr of the 10" for review. But I assume that the same attention must have been paid to it as for the music and the way the theme is treated.
As it is always the case with Eternal Soul, there are two editions of this 10": a very limited and already sold out edition of 49 copies (on a coloured vinyl and special packaging) and a 'normal' one, limited to 301 copies (with insert).

Nathalie F.
Spring 2005

Dawn and Dusk Entwined: dawnanddusk.wolfrune.org
Eternal Soul: www.eternal-soul.de