BISCLAVERET - Er Roud el aater fi nezaha el khater - CDR - 1/8 track(s) - Cynfeirdd - 2004

'Er Roud el aater fi nezaha el khater' from the Polish ritual-ambient act Bisclavert is the thirteenth and penultimate instalment of Cynfeirdd's Eye for Eye series, that is dedicated to the discovery of new and talented artists. Although they have been in activity since 2000 and already have two mini-cdrs and a live recording to their active, I had never heard of this project before. This release is the full-length recording of their jubilee concert played in Gdansk in October 2004 that combined music with a theatrical performance (although I have the impression that not much of this performance can actually be heard on the record).

The music is based on keyboard-generated drones, minimalist melodies, piano sounds, and various samples (religious chants, wind…) that create long haunting, macabre ambient soundscapes. But, the highlight of the performance is the eerie Polish vocals, alternating between deranged laughter, tortured moans, whispers and spoken word, which add an unsettling ritual edge to the overall atmosphere.

Although the track list on the cover mentions eight different titles, this record actually plays as one long track. An almost insignificant detail, but it turns the music into one long seamless, harrowing flow that draws the listener into the dark, suffocating ritual atmosphere that was created on stage that night.

Judging on this recording, Bisclaveret sound quite impressive on stage and it will be interesting to hear what this duo is capable of doing in a studio. In the meanwhile, ambient-ritual devotees would be well advised to cast their ears on this...

Ian C.
Summer 2005

Like all the releases in the Eye for Eye series, this professionally produced cdr is limited to 141 copies.

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