ATARAXIA - Arcana Eco - Book + CD - 164 pages / 7 tracks - Ark Records - 2005

'Arcana Eco' is the first issue of Obscura, which is a series of monographs initiated by Ark Records that will be devoted to the main names of the (Italian) obscure music scene. Fittingly, the first band to be covered in this extensive manner is Ataraxia, whose long career has gained them a widespread and devoted international following.

The 164-page book written by the Italian music journalist Ferruccio Filippi presents in Italian and English the principal elements that have shaped the band's music over the years. Stone, water, passages, dream, contemplation, light are presented in six chapters that develop these themes not only in relation to the songs they inspired but also what they inspired in the author. The monograph is completed with an in depth interview with all the musicians, 81 black &white and colour photos, an extensive discography and the lyrics for the songs featuring on the CD.

If the book attempts to detail the thoughts and feelings of the members of Ataraxia, the CD tries to fulfil the impossible task of presenting in seven songs all the influences and genres that have shaped the band's distinct sound. Celtic, baroque and classical music, dark wave sonorities, liturgical chants, flamenco, oriental and Mediterranean music are just a few of the elements of Ataraxia's unique and rich musical tapestry. Reflecting these different styles, all seven songs are exclusive to this compilation of sorts; three of them are contemporary reinterpretations of old works and the other four were composed solely for this project. Each one is an absolute treat for the fan, of course…

Lavishly presented in a slipcase that encloses the book and CD, 'Arcana Eco' is a beautiful object that is not only a must have for the fan but also an ideal introduction for those who want to discover Ataraxia's realm.

Ian C.
Autumn 2005

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