AELDABORN - The Serpent Drum - CD - 7 tracks - Aeldaborn - 2004

Aeldaborn is a very promising neofolk band from Germany. The Serpent Drum is their first self-produced release, after several live performances. Here they offer a selection of their live repertoire, which shows with conviction their high potential. Songs are played with a fine dark folk spirit, helped by clear synth melodies, acoustic guitar and drums, or explore a martial side, with bombastic drums, strong vocals, speech samples and dark war soundscapes. And we can hear it especially on the track "Wir weben", based on a text by Heinrich Heine with strong German vocals at its best. Though you may find influences from Sol Invictus and Fire & Ice, or Sonne Hagal and Orplid (from their Barbarossa period), Aeldaborn managed to sound in their own unique way, adding their own personality to the neofolk genre. Of course this is no revolution, we might think we've heard this before, but I'm sure they're absolutely able to show their true potential and energy in a forthcoming album that I'm looking forward to listen to.
A fine apocalyptic folk release !

Stéphane F.
Spring 2005

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