V/A - Songs from the Bunker - CDR - 16 tracks - Bunkier Productions - 2004

The Bunkier Productions are an independent Polish label specialised in dark-ambient, military industrial music. They released this year a very interesting compilation with local and international artists, some of them we already know, some to discover.

It starts with Koavt, a Belgium act dealing with martial music at its best, playing a fantastic track, bombastic and hypnotic, close to Der Blutharsch, and even better, with distorted and angry vocals. Then, Ritual Front, a very interesting dark-folk band from Russia, with a typically sound with acoustic guitar, keyboard and military beating drums and samples from the French period of the WWII; it reminds me of Cawatana. The Arid Sea from the USA sound more gothic, in the good definition of the word, close to the quiet songs of Bauhaus, with piano, keyboards and haunted vocals. Alien Levi, Probably from Germany, who already released cover tracks in a very limited edition of DIJ, STJ, Peter Gabriel, presents here a very good version of the Death In June song Kapitulation. Necropropagand, a martial industrial act from Belgium, presents a repetitive track with lazy drums and samples repeating Patrie-Gloire -et Honneur; a bit boring and very cliché, not very interesting. It's nice to find a track of the excellent American band The Blue Hour, who already released a beautiful album last year; here they are with an ambient track, with spoken vocals, experimental soundscapes and a few notes of guitar at the end. Then comes Westwind, also from France, with a martial track very close to the music of Regard Extrême or Dawn and Dusk Entwined. The Belgium act Weihan, who just released a dark-folk album on Cynfeirdd, provide a melancholic song, with acoustic guitar, viola and voice, close to some songs of Scivias or Cawatana. Der Krieg, from Poland, play a very quiet instrumental dark-folk song, superb and relaxing. Cold Fusion, also from Poland, already released several album; playing martial ambient industrial music, they offer a rhythmic electronic track with military atmosphere and martial drums, in the best Turbund Sturmwerk or Von Thronstahl tradition. Der Feuerkreiner play a quiet song, with female vocals and repetitive drums, that reminds sometimes of TMLHBAC. One For Jude, from France, play a romantic and nostalgic cold-wave. The Italian The Well of Sadness, who just released a limited album on Bunkier Productions, play a sad mixture of neofolk and post-industrial and neoclassical, in the like of Novy Svet, like a mixture of Ain Soph and TMLHBAC. Ghosts of Breslau are from Poland and play dark-ambient music, with tiny notes of piano and obscure soundscapes for a beautiful cinematographic effect. Finally Morpheus with an abstract track, dark, obsessive and experimental, with ghostly spoken words and cold bells.

Bunkier Productions provide a very good compilation, with artists from Europe and the USA, with a nice mixture of dark-folk, dark-ambient, military post-industrial and experimental music. As this release is limited, it might well become a collector as it will be hard to find, and as the quality of the release is pretty good, so act fast to get a copy.

Recommended !

Stéphane F.
Autumn 2004

Information : www.bunkier.end.pl