TRIARII - Triumph - 7" - 2 tracks - Eternal Soul - 2004

The latest release on the German label Eternal Soul is a 7" featuring two tracks from Berlin newcomers TRIARRI.

The short track 'Triumph To Triumph', on the a-side, can be described as an epic, martial and virile march where strong and dominating percussions are mixed with choirs, over-layered soundscapes… A fine heroic composition in the same vein as Puissance, Arditi, Karjalan Sissit
The b-side features the track 'Military Order' built upon military percussions, atmospheric but menacing soundscapes and the compulsory German speech sample…
All in all, two well composed and produced tracks for a debut single, that reveal a real potential.

The normal edition of this 7" is limited to 267 copies in heavy black vinyl and comes with a postcard. For the compulsive collectors, there is also a special edition of 66 copies in grey coloured vinyl delivered in special package.

Well worth discovering and particularly recommended to the amateurs of the genre.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2004

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