TOTENLIEDER / Ô PARADIS - Sin - 10" - 6 tracks - Old Europa Cafe - 2004

Released last summer on the Italian label Old Europa Cafe, 'Sin' is a collaboration between Totenlieder and Ô Paradis. For the novices, one will remember that Totenlieder is the Canadian solo project of Sébastien Leduc, known for his 7" split with Reutoff, and his great 7" released a few months ago on Punch Productions! As for Ô Paradis, I do not think an introduction is necessary as I guess and hope most of you have already given an attentive listen to the excellent and personal work of this very talented Catalonian artist.

All (Spanish) lyrics of the six songs gathered in this outstanding 10" have been written and sung by Demian; Sébastien plays the violin and both of them have composed the music for three tracks.

The a-side begins with certainly the catchiest track of this 10". Contrary to what the title suggests 'Sin sabor', this is everything except a savourless composition... the sad and melancholic melody played by Sébastien's violin combining superbly with the unique voice of Demian... just beautiful!
'El vacio' (The vacuum), with its recognisable Ô Paradis touch, is built upon a repetitive movie sample, percussions, Demian singing and the heartbreaking/breathtaking violin of Totenlieder... A feeling of pain and loneliness floats over this composition... and finds its achievement in the last track of this side 'Sin ti' (Without you), the saddest song amongst all...

'A traves de ti' (Through you), my favourite song of this opus, opens the b-side. Its mechanic and percussive background mixed with a particularly drawn out and extraverted vocals create a Fellini-esque atmosphere that one hopes will never end...
'Sin vida' (Lifeless), again, plunges the listener in a sad and melancholic mood... guided by the heartbreaking violin, soft percussions and Demian singing...
'No te reconozso' (I do not recognise you) closes the record with again a beautiful alchemy between Ô Paradis and Totenlieder personal musical styles...

All in all, this collaborative effort reaches a perfect symbiosis between the suave and languorous voice of Demian and the sad and melancholic violin of Sébastien... The 10" is limited to 500 copies in clear red vinyl and comes with a nice artwork featuring all the lyrics.

In a period saturated with talentless and useless releases, 'Sin' is a record you can buy with your eyes closed.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2004

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