TOTENLIEDER - Mi muerte para su amor - 7" - 3 tracks - Punch Productions - 2004

'Mi muerte para su amor' is the second 7" from this Canadian solo project after a split release with Reutoff, but it could easily be considered as its first. Indeed, for its debut recording Totenlieder presented a cover version of a Janitor track, which, in my opinion, was not that representative of this project's folkish neoclassic aspirations. Those who have listened to the radio session we broadcasted last winter will know what I'm talking about... as well as those who listen to these three superb instrumental tracks.

The music is based on meandering, distant violin melodies and subdued percussions to which are added a few sparse guitar notes, piano and a few electronic effects. The tracks are constructed around a series of repetitive structures dissimulated behind subtle arrangements, which give them a hypnotic, drawn-out feeling. The overall atmosphere is a peculiar mixture of solemn and tragic ('siga mis ojos'), twisted and quirky ('no ovide mi nombre') or wistful and melancholic ('Dedicado') that is strangely compelling. A pleasant midsummer night dream...

A good record from a project well-worth discovering.

Ian C.
Summer 2004

Oh, I forgot to mention that this 7" is a limited (404 copies) gatefold edition, so...

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