TERRORITMO - AF - 12" - 6 tracks - Punch Productions - 2004

This is already the third release by this Italian act mainly known for its 10" 'Serpenta' released on HauRuck! last year, though the project started in 19991. This time, Terroritmo have collaborated with a new and promising Italian label Punch Productions guided by Tairy (of AIT!). The result is a very interesting 12" featuring six tracks that should please those interested in ritual-ambient-experimental music.

The minimal and threatening debut track of the side A titled 'Aqua' ('Water'), built upon sound collages of bells, voices, industrial beats... suggests the general ritual atmosphere that will float all over this record. The two essential elements, Terror and Rythm, are present and make the intensity of the track grow... a very impressive beginning that leaves the place to a ritual, dark, ambient and quite repetitive passage 'Rituale A', just broken by a strong noisy and percussive rush, and that ends on a quite shamanic athmosphere made of voices, noises and loops... Finally, 'Tonl', based on female vocals (and an occasional male voice), noises, drones, percussions that create a quite repetitive melody and an intensity that grows along the track, stands as the most rythmic part of this side as well as the most accessible to some unexperienced listeners.

The side B titled 'Foco' ('Fire') opens with an excellent long track 'Serpenta Tantra' featuring some female vocals set to a percussive rythm... the closest composition to their last production on HR!, for sure.
Follows 'Rituale F', a new ritual passage that progressively leads to an intense mix of noises and loops... surrounded by a threatening athmosphere full of dangers...
The last part 'Chwal' begins with a female vocal relayed by percussions, loops, noises and an echoed male voice... a very intense rythmic and ritual piece.

All in all, 'AF' is a very interesting record to discover due to a subtile mix of natural/acoustic and electronic tools, as well as the feeling that most of music is played live (especially the percussions) combined with some theatrical inspirations...
You just have to know that these experimental-ritual compositions will necessite several listenings to be deeply apprehended and appreciated as they deserve.

This black vinyl is limited to 444 hand numbered copies and comes in a very original and appropriate deluxe waterproof paper and a complete embossed cover. A very nice and careful production that I can only recommend.

Nathalie F.
Summer 2004

Terroritmo : terroritmo.com
Punch Productions : www.punchrecords.it