SCHLOSS TEGAL - Neoterrik Research - The Hidden History of Schloss Tegal -
CD - 11 tracks - Cold Spring - 2004

'Neoterrik Research - The Hidden History of Schloss Tegal' is a compilation gathering unreleased, out of print, remix tracks and pieces from various compilations from the well-known American dark ambient activist Schloss Tegal. Released last spring on the English label Cold Spring, this cd features eleven tracks remastered by Richard Schneider at Synaesthetics Studios in Prague. There is no risk in predicting that this record will easily find its audience amongst the Schloss Tegal fans, but also amongst those interested in dark ambient/atmospheric music in general. A total length of sixty-six minutes, alternating frightening dark ambient soundscapes ('Last Glint of Consciousness') with pulsating and repetitive ('Zero Situation') as well as hypnotic experimental noise ('The Hidden Variable'), ritual-dronic ('Technocore (Iteration X)', 'Black Static Transmission', 'Invitation to an Outrage (Reptilian Mind)', organic ('The Demon that Feeds on the Chaos of Man'), minimalist (Anti-life Equation') or post-industrial ('Collapse of the Wave Function') passages. The overall atmosphere is undoubtedly dark, atmospheric and post-apocalyptic... and in no way boring. Captivating would certainly be the best word to describe the ambiance that dominates this brilliant collection of old and new Schloss Tegal recordings.
Presented in a jewel-case, this release also includes a booklet featuring all the information relative to the origins of each track as well as an interesting text about 'The Secret origins of Schloss Tegal'.

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Summer 2004

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