RAISON D'ÊTRE - Requiem for abandoned souls - CD - 5 tracks - Cold meat Industry - 2003

"In abandoned place - the shadow of the soul - desintegrates form within - towards desolation - becoming the void of nothingness."
As proposed by the website of Cold Meat Industries, this is how the list of the five tracks compiled on Raison d'Être's new album read if put in a direct context.

The album is opened by the ringing of church bells which, about a minute later, is transformed into the moody rumbling sound Raison d'Être is best known for. Not too surprisingly, this sound consists of all kind of dark and slow noises, deep chants and irritating echos, and it does differ this time much from the formula given by Peter Andersson's earlier output. In contrast to the rather industrial vein of the opener, "The shadow of the soul" establishes the project's emotional side. In the midst of it, a sudden drum and the inflaming of sound marks a rather menacing turn being continued in the third piece. After that, "Towards desolation" is dominated by a distorted Gregorian chant below a dynamic layer of throbbing drones. While slowly dying away, this track gives you a stark feeling of tension and inevitable tragedy. The final track, fifteen minutes long, has a strong industrial feeling to it. While not much happens, "Becoming the void of nothingness" requires approximately four minutes to die away.

As dark ambient is not easy to describe, let me make the conclusion that "Requiem for abandoned souls" will be anything but a surprise for you if you are familiar with the project responsible for it. Despite the lack of change throughout the works of Peter Andersson (at least I can't see it), this still is great music for those who feel the beauty in it. If you haven't given it a try yet, I recommend you to listen to this album during a stormy night, or when the rain bears down on your window, and notice how Raison d'Être will blend in and mix with the noise and create an atmosphere for you to drift away ... to unknown shores of dread and isolation.

PS: It also plays nicely in the background if you have to clean the dishes.

Dirk A.
Winter 2004

Contact: raisondetre.coldmeat.se
Label: www.coldmeat.se