PREDELLA AVANT - Carbon Figures - CD - 11 tracks - Ars Musica Diffundére - 2004

Carbon Figures is the second album from this mysterious Dutch project. There are few indications to guide the listener through the album; a bleak cover and no track titles, just a booklet with few photos of petrified human and canine remains. Sinister… As with the first album released in 2002, the music stands for itself.

As expected, the album kicks off with a series of tracks that combine bombastic military percussions with judiciously chosen classical and vocal samples to build up a heroic and dramatic atmosphere. Although the opening passage of this album remains within the same martial neo-classic vein as the previous album, the core of the album is made of dark ambient soundscapes. Desolate industrial wastelands blown by icy winds evolve into organic ritual hymns, establishing a sinister, yet solemn atmosphere that slowly grows in intensity. A tension relieved by the final tracks. Warlike percussions, melodramatic orchestral passages and vocal samples gradually draw the album to a grandiose conclusion. Impressive!

Shifting their music in a new direction, Predella Avant has avoided the pitfall of self-repetition that often befalls second albums. Carbon Figures is an excellent album that confirms the talent of this project. A must have for all amateurs of monumental, martial orchestral music.

Ian C.
Winter 2004

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