OZYMANDIAS - Les Doutes Eternels - CD - 11 tracks - Ramses Records - 2004

Three years after 'Layla', Christophe Terrettaz is back with his project Ozymandias with a new album. He also composed music in 2003 for the soundtrack of the Japanese film 'Vibrator' from Ryuichi Hiroki, considered by many as the best Japanese film released this year.

The music of 'Les Doutes Eternels' has been inspired by photographs of Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868 - 1952) at an exhibition. Curtis has been a pionner in ethnography by taking photographs of the North American Indian, as a full documentation on their customs and manners. Christophe Terrettaz composed his music with all the feelings he had while watching these photographs. Putting them in our present life and environment, he sadly noticed that, beyond all our hope and faith, nothing changes. This is a musical approach and a bitter view on humanity, about the disrespect for the earth and human beings.

Musically Christophe reached a higher position, with a very mature approach of composing. A dark and intense atmosphere for superb neoclassical instrumentals, with this extraordinary Satie touch that makes Ozymandias compositions recognizable. A deep and strong work, very personal, that should establish Christophe's work as one of the most interesting and brilliant in the neoclassical genre in the last ten years.

A positively pessimistic work to open our eyes on our tragic condition and to help us to see the light of hope. Anyway we're warned, as the last track says : 'Lorsque le soleil ne se lèvera plus'.

Highly recommended !

Stéphane F.
Autumn 2004

Information : www.ozymandias.ch

Discography :

- Isolement, 1996, Weisser Herbst / EFA
- Ahara, 1998, World Serpent Distribution
- The Soul of Romantism, 1999, DNCD / WSD
- Karnak, 2000, Ramses Records / World Serpent
- Layla, 2001, Ramses Records / World Serpent
- One track of the soundtrack Vibrator, 2003, Cloud9-IDEA
- Les Doutes Eternels, 2004, Ramses Records

Forthcoming : a forthcoming collaboration with Lisa Gerrard is planned...