NEUN WELTEN - Valg - MCD - 3 tracks - Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions - 2004

For most of you, Neun Welten sound certainly new to your ears as it is a young German folk band... but the connoisseurs will certainly have heard of them through their interesting demo and several live performances, in particular at the Wave Gothik Treffen and for the third edition of the Flammenzauber festival in 2003. Till now, they had not released that much material with the exception of the above-mentioned demo and a participation (with two live tracks) on the Flammenzauber compilation ... But indeed, these few tracks of delicate folk/neoclassic music already sounded very promising... So needless to say that this first official work was awaited with a lot of curiosity and optimism on my behalf...

Just released on Auerbach Tonträger, a subdivision of the German label Prophecy Productions, this mcd is composed of three calm and melancholic tracks... folk elements and classical parts are mixed with parsimony and refinement to create a particular mood filled with love, melancholy and a touch of sadness... 'Nebelland', for instance, combines with brio soaring violin notes, flute, drums and a simple guitar melody.
Though an undeniable maturity emanates from these three tracks, Neun Welten is composed by five (very) young looking musicians, who really bring a welcome freshness to this scene.

The only negative critic (that is not one in definitive) could come from the shortness of this production that, in fact, only proves their perfectionist character as well as their desire to release accomplished works. Inspired in part by Nature's magic, Neun Welten music and universe is far from all the tired clichés used by all the untalented clones in the neofolk scene. Neun Welten stand by themselves; they are true musicians who master their instruments and these three tracks alone prove it. After this mcd, one can easily bet that their first full-length album will be awaited with even more impatience...
But for the moment, let our spirits float throughout these beautiful compositions...

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Summer 2004

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