MUSLIMGAUZE - Return of Black September - CD - 1 track - Staalplaat - 2004
MUSLIMGAUZE - Azzazin - CD - 13 tracks - Staalplaat - 2004
MUSLIMGAUZE - Sandtrafikar - CD 7 tracks - Staalplaat - 2004

Amongst the latest releases of Muslimgauze are three albums that Staalplaat recently released again as a second limited edition, as they were out of print. Azzazin is certainly one of the most experimental and minimalist work of Bryn Jones I've heard. Along the 13 tracks can be heard a very ambient music, with a very interesting approach of sound, and many electronic bips and analogic experiences. It's hard to recognize Bryn Jones's very specific sound, unless you know it before.

Return of Black September is certainly amongst the most beautiful work of Muslimgauze I've ever heard. A very long track, that could be cut in several tracks as well. It all starts in a very experimental and ambient atmosphere, while some typically Muslimgauze sounds finally point out, before the percussions cover it all, with tribal, Eastern and industrial influences. A fantastic journey through desolated landscapes, where death and life meet in a forgotten war. A must !

Santrafikar returns to a more classical approach of music for Bryn Jones, though it keeps very experimental, with many samples of voices, different sounds, and some Eastern samples of music or instruments. A very interesting work with a different approach of his usual work, giving to the very important Muslimgauze's discography a different touch, that already appeared in some earlier works.

Three marvellous releases that will please every Muslimgauze fan, as well as all the other ones that are more inclined to listen to some more electronic industrial and experimental oriented stuff. And Return of Black September is a must have...

Stéphane F.
Autumn 2004

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