THE LUNAR MINSTRELS - Shadow winds - 7" - 2 tracks - Sweet Farewell - 2004

Born from their collaboration on the 'Sin' 10", The Lunar Minstrels is the new musical project of Demian (Ô Paradis) and Sébastien (Totenlieder). Released last summer on the Canadian label Sweet Farewell, their first collaboration work is a 7" titled 'Shadow winds' featuring two tracks.

'Sin Lagrimas' (Without tears) is built upon a swaying and nonchalant rhythm... the distinctive Spanish singing of Demian combining in a nice harmony with Sébastien on violin, and the additional piano and percussions in background... A cabaret atmosphere, filled with melancholy, floats above this song... and in this case, one can only regret the shortness of a 7" side...

Second track, 'Desnudos' (Naked), explores another mood... plunging the listener, from the very start, in a mysterious atmosphere, darker than the a-side. Again, violin, soft percussions, saxo/alto (?) and Demian's Spanish spoken words are mixed in a successful symbiosis... The rhythm is slow, till the coming of a weird combination of piano and trumpet bringing the last detail to a long and drawn out night...

This 7", limited to 400 copies in black vinyl, comes with a nice artwork marked by the Totenlieder aesthetic touch…

A very promising association!... and as this record is supposed to be the first of a series of 7", one can only hope to see the following 7" to be released soon.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2004

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