LEVIATHAN - Shrouded by Fog - CD - 7 tracks - Monkeyhouse Recordings - 2003

'Shrouded by Fog' is the debut full-length recording by Leviathan, a Scottish dark ambient project guided by Gaendaal. Released on Monkeyhouse Recordings, this opus follows the 'The Thrones of Bones' MCD that has received only good reviews. Composed of seven tracks, 'Shrouded by Fog' is a mix of ritual, desolate and ethereal ambiances that invite the listener to an inner journey... between two worlds, two perceptions... The two excellent tracks 'A Land of Mist' and 'Clocktower' are the perfect example of this successful symbiosis between atmospheric music and desolate soundscapes... Just beautiful!
The music, captivating and favourable to dreams, offers some pretty good substances to the imaginary... The whole album benefits from a good production and really surprises by its maturity. The CD comes with a minimal artwork that lets the music stand by itself.

I can only recommend this new release to all those interested in dark ambient music.

Nathalie F.
Winter 2004

Leviathan : leviatha.webspace.fish.co.uk
Monkeyhouse Recordings : www.monkeyhouse-recordings.co.uk