LES SENTIERS CONFLICTUELS - Variations post-traumatiques - 7" - 2 tracks - La Grande Illusion - 2004

Second production on the French label La Grande Illusion, this 'Variations post-traumatiques'7" is also the second release of the promising and enigmatic French industrial act Les Sentiers Conflictuels. This record, based on the same concept as the previous 'Post-traumatismes' 10", closes a thematic centred on the "traumatisms" caused by the Great War.

Two quite antagonist tracks, musically speaking, feature on this 7". The a-side track, in a Ant-Zen style, is based upon repetitive noise loops and harsh rhythms; it sounds like a sonic harassing... at the exception of a calmer moment corresponding to the diffusion of the famous old song 'Verdun, on ne passe pas' quickly submerged by a final assault.
The b-side begins with the same old song again in background, progressively mixed with an atmospheric ambient accompaniment. A correct track (but nothing more)… though deserved by a quite mediocre pressing that deteriorates the quality of listening, it reminds sonorities and atmosphere of the previous 10" mid-b-side and closes the main theme of both these works.

This 7" is limited to 289 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl. It comes in a cover using an aesthetic close to the one of the previous 10". No sepias photos this time, but an amputation saw that reminds the physical sufferings of the victims of the Great War.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2004

La Grande Illusion: lagrandeillusion.free.fr
Distributed by Athanor: arsregia.free.fr