GRIMBERGEN - Something is wrong - CDR - 5 tracks - demo

Grimbergen is a solo project of Edinburgh based artist Nathan Clemence. He started his project in 2001 and "Something is Wrong" is already his second demo album. His music could be described as dark and atmospheric ambient, whilst sounding more and more neoclassical from the second half of each track. Beautiful drones, dense atmospheres, quiet percussions, superb minimalist melodies, deep sound structures. Dark ambient and neoclassical meet perfectly to become a whole piece of music, rich and intense. As excellent as Regard Extrême, but darker and with more electronic elements, and sometimes close to the releases of artists of the excellent Side Effects label, or some CMI productions. It also reminds me of Blink Twice. If Nathan Clemence carries on writing music in that way, we will certainly see the name of Grimbergen on the catalogue of some fine labels very soon.

Very promising.

Stéphane F.
Spring 2004

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