FDH - Disseminare - CD-R - 8 tracks - Cynfeirdd / Eye For Eye - 2003

Disseminare is the debut album of FDH, a Canadian project formed in Autumn 2002 by Novia Scotia based Frank den Haan. It is also the second release on Cynfeirdd's limited (141 copies in a solid box with a carefully packed coloured fold out insert) Eye For Eye series mainly dedicated to the discovery of refreshing and interesting music by debutant artists operating in the field of dark music… And FDH's mixture of classical, experimental and electronic elements is certainly a good example of what to expect from this series.

The lonely piano, the sparse string arrangements and the subtle percussions of 'Opening', give a good indication of the overall mood of the album. The solemn sounds of 'Sent Down' or the sad meandering piano pieces ('No Freedom Tomorrow', 'Desolate') are intermingled with harsher electronic elements ('And the Statues Crumble', 'Pestilence Wind') and percussions ('Banners Rise') to build up a strange melancholic atmosphere. The neoclassical and ambient passages combine well and create a harmonious succession of enthralling nostalgic cinematic soundscapes that draw the listener into their introspective moods.

Each track is carefully constructed with a particular attention paid to the discreet background noises and melodies (the use of headphones is particularly recommended to capture the full impression of the music) and the fine balance achieved between neoclassic and electronic elements demonstrates a musical maturity that goes beyond the relatively short existence of this project. I would not be surprised to see this project hailed as a classic act in a few years time.

An excellent debut album.

Ian C.
Spring 2004

As I write, a few copies of this album are still available, but like all good things in life this will not last. So act fast...

FDH : www.geocities.com/frankdenhaan
Cynfeirdd : www.cynfeirdd.com