FORESTA DI FERRO - Bury Me Standing - CD - 8 tracks - HauRuck! - 2003

'Bury me standing' is the first full-length release from Foresta di Ferro after a few confidential 7"s, also released on HauRuck!. Foresta di Ferro could be considered as of a sort of neofolk/industrial 'super group', as it is a collaboration project between Marco Delplano (Wertham), Richard Leviathan (Ostara, Strength Through Joy) and John Murphy (Kraang, Shining Vril, SPK, etc.); an addition of talent that can only benefit this 'soundtrack for an imaginary docu-drama about faith, misfortune and fanaticism'.

The album opens with the sounds of metallic echoes and the crackling of fires of a ravaged city superposed with the distant notes of an old popular song, that in turn is drowned out by a totalitarian chant that convey a sense of despair and impeding doom that will remain present through out the album. Oppressive drones, repetitive loops, a variety of percussions, acoustic guitar, religious chants and cleverly chosen sound and speech samples are amongst the elements used to create this series of apocalyptic soundscapes that form ideal illustrations for the themes developed in the spoken-word lyrics. But this brief description hardly pays justice to the diversity of the music present on this album, where mystic and ritual atmospheres ('Militia Christi', 'On the Marble Cliffs'), martial sound-constructions ('Harmony of Pen and Sword', 'La Ultime Gnot'), a distant sounding old popular song ('Seppelliscimi in piedi') or a neofolk ballad ('Oakleaf') form a coherent ensemble despite their apparent disparities.

'Bury me standing' is a pleasant and mature album that offers an interesting vision on themes that are often covered in the industrial/martial scene whilst avoiding the obvious pitfalls of the genre.


Ian C.
Winter 2004