ERIK URSICH - Kanashii - LP - 8 tracks - Punch Productions - 2004

One of the good things with Punch Productions is that you never know what to expect with each new release.
If Eric Ursich is an unfamiliar name, a little research shows that he has been active in the Italian underground scene since the early 90's with the cult experimental tape-label Vacca Stracca. This album, released as a limited, hand numbered, edition of 300 copies on grey vinyl, could almost be seen as a sort of retrospective of his early works as it regroups tracks recorded between 1993 and 2000. Although the overall result is far more coherent than what this temporal disparity suggests.

The eerie sounds of a Theremin and Moog and Korg synthesizers feature predominantly on the eight tracks of this album, which were exclusively composed on vintage analogical instruments and recorded using age-old studio techniques. This retro approach suits perfectly these minimalist and repetitive electronic compositions that inevitably bring to mind the works of Brian Eno, Philip Glass or Tangerine Dream.
As can be expected of an album dedicated to the languorous and unavowable pleasures of sadness, the overall atmosphere of this album is pleasantly moody and introspective. The two sides flow smoothly and develop timeless, almost hypnotic, soothing melancholic moods that explore the mind-numbing but exquisite pleasures of true sadness without ever being boring.

An excellent album.

Ian C.
Autumn 2004

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