DARKLIFE - Issue #9 - 64 pages in English - 2004

Darklife is an independent, irregular, international underground fanzine dedicated to gothic, industrial, electro, experimental, avant-guard, ritual music and the lifestyle of the current underground scene. Forgoing a luxurious glossy presentation, this A5 black and white publication resorts to all the tricks of the trade (small print, no margins…) to cram a maximum of content into the 64 pages of this issue which features interviews with Matt Howden, Lady Morphia, Spiritual Front, Soil Bleeds Black, Collection d'Arnell Andrea, G.O.R., Louisa John Kroll, Alien Sex Fiend, Front 242, Y-Luk-O, Ex Nihilo, Experiment Nnord, Libtina, Synthetic, Das Prëparat, Bak XIII and Keltia; live reviews of Death In June's Scandinavian tour and HMS President London date, Luisa John Krol/GOR/ Keltia, Anne Clark, The Mission and Scream Silence; special features on the Dark scene in Russia, the Swiss underground scene and dark fashion ; record reviews and a small news section. If this was not enough, the paper version of zine is also completed by a website that is regularly updated with new reviews and interviews.

Darklife is a well-written, informative fanzine that is definitely worthwhile reading…

Ian C.
Spring 2004

Contact : www.darklifezine.de