DAC CROWELL / KURT DOLES - s/t - CD - 3 tracks - Suilven Recordings - 2004

A fantastic piece of ambient music made by two artists from America, who have been composing music for years. Crowell started studying piano, classical music, and then got interested by all the German Krautrock bands such as Neu, Can, Stockhausen, and also Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. He also got impressed by the works of Brian Eno and Klaus Schulze. After the punk period, Crowell experienced industrial music, but then came back to his ambient works, studying music with Salvatore Martirano, who supported him and encouraged him in composing his own music.
The result of this album is the compilation of works done by Crowell with Kurt Doles, between 1994 and 1997, and I must say that these 60 minutes of music are certainly amongst the best ambient pieces I've heard for ages. Really relaxing, with an impressing work on sounds, creating a fantastic wall of sound, a deep and structured composition, with many electronic and organic experimentations that create an incredible piece of music. Everything sounds perfect. Ambient music is often boring after a 10 minutes listening, but Crowell and Doles are so talented, that the CD could even last 3 hours and we would ask for more. An impressive piece of beautiful ambient and experimental music, which I highly recommend to anyone.

Excellent !!

Stéphane F.
Autumn 2004

Label :
Suilven Recordings
PO Box 28494
Edinburgh EH4 1YY