DAWN AND DUSK ENTWINED - Remergence - CD - 13 tracks - Athanor - 2003

Released a few months ago on the cult label Athanor, 'Remergence' is the third album of the French act Dawn and Dusk Entwined after two opuses on World Serpent and several compilation appearances. It is no longer necessary to present in detail this solo project guided by David Sabre, who has been following his personal path for many years now...

This brand new cd features thirteen songs (for a total length of almost one hour) that will surely remind elements and atmospheres present on the two previous albums 'A Leftover of Gaia' and 'Forever war' but with a true harmony and an indubitable touch of maturity.
Partly inspired by Otto Rahn's "Luzifers Hofgesind" ("Lucifer's Court"), 'Remergence' is a beautiful alchemy of atmospheric, ambient and neoclassical atmospheres, enriched by the occasional female voice, militaristic percussion and historical and cinematographic samples. It is difficult to distinguish a track amongst them all, nevertheless 'At the heart of darkness', that begins with the hypnotic voice of Max Von Sydow taken from the Lars Von Trier movie 'Europa' set to a background theme from Bernard Herrman, the percussive/militaristic 'Plénitude et néant' built upon David's spoken oath of the samurai (Bushido) and the melody played by the piano on 'In the wind of bliss' are definitely amongst my favourites DDE compositions so far.

It took more than three years to compose this album... which easily resume the abnegation, the perfectionist character collected into this 'Remergence'.
A really pleasant album, which on each listening remains mystic, rich and refreshing… an alchemy rarely attained these days.

This cd, limited to 500 copies as first print, comes in a delicate and sober digipack and is highly recommended, of course.

Nathalie F.
Spring 2004

Dawn and Dusk Entwined : dawnanddusk.wolfrune.org
Athanor : arsregia.free.fr