CYNFEIRDD - Issue #18 - 54-page magazine + CD - Summer 2004

Dated from Spring / Summer 2004, here is the latest issue of this well-known bilingual (French and English) French magazine that is published on a whenever-it-can basis.

Between the covers illustrated with paintings from the seminal Dutch musician/artist Dirk Polak, you will find interviews with Omne Datum Optimum, Dream Into Dust, Regard Extrême, A Sparrow Grass Hunt, Baroque Bordello, Irrelevant, Le Crobard, The Blizzard Sow and, of course, Dirk Polak. These interviews are completed with 11 pages of reviews, a section devoted to DVDs and a report of the 12th Wave Gothic Treffen.

As usual, the magazine comes with a CD compilation. 'Le Neuvième Printemps' presents tracks from Omne Datum Optimum, The Blizzard Sow, Iconae, Kinovia, Albeiron, Regard Extrême, Irrelevant, Baroque Bordello and Neutral. Which is always a pleasant way to discover the music of the artists presented on the pages of the magazine...

Recommended reading and listening.

Ian C.
Autumn 2004