CYCLOTIMIA - Trival Pleasures - MCD - 11 tracks - Monopoly Records - 2003

'Trivial Pleasures' is the first release on Cyclotimia's newly established label 'Monopoly Records'.
Fourth CD from the sound activist duo from Moscow, 'Trivial Pleasures' is presented as the first part of a trilogy titled 'L'Electronique Mondial' that will feature two more MCDs. The music is inspired by Wim Mertens' album 'For Amusement Only' (as mentioned in the booklet), and by global and free market themes. This 26 minute-long record includes eleven tracks created mainly on old Soviet analogue synthesisers. A conceptual work based on sound collages that sounds radically different from the previous 'Metamorphosis' 10". And to be honest, this electronic experimental mini-album is not very easy to approach. The flood of bleeps, interferences, markets' oscillations, repetitive slogans, waves of ambient drones, TV static... mixed together do not really sound that pleasant on first listening... Hypnotic, disturbing, intriguing would be more appropriate words. Announced as the most radical Cyclotimia's work, it definitely is.
The listener will have to let himself be immerged by this musical expression of the corporate world to experience these 'Trivial Pleasures'...

A recommended experiment of mental musical/digital manipulation. This first release places Monopoly Records amongst the few new, unconventional and interesting labels that are worth following closely.

Nathalie F.
Winter 2004

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