CYCLOTIMIA - One Day In Wasteland - VCD/VHS - Seeds of Time Video - 2004

First video released by the amazing Russian duo, 'One Day In Wasteland' is a documentary about the tragic events of September 11th set to music by Cyclotimia.
This 25 minute-long video, built in six parts, is a collage of TV footage and narration taken from CNN, BBC and EuroNews with a background soundtrack by the two sound activists. The fact is they took up this challenge (that at first view could have sounded cliché for some people or shocking for some others) with brio. This ultimate document is really captivating... due to the power of the pictures (i.e. the repetitive picture of the airplanes pulverizing the two towers, a landscape reduced to dust) mixed with a very appropriate musical accompaniment.... The atmosphere created is unreal, apocalyptic... A really strong and impressive document that will leave no one indifferent.

'One Day In Wasteland' is a limited edition of only 111 copies coming in a dvd box and available as a video cdr (a format that can be played in PC cd/dvd-rom and in any dvd player) or VHS. It should also be noted that a more classical but well-done video clip titled 'Same Place (Eps cut)' features on this video as a bonus.

Highly recommended.

Nathalie F.
Spring 2004