CoCaspar.Osp - Labcopilation #2 - CD - 9 tracks - Paranoise Records - 2003

Here is an interesting release by the Berlin-based sound artist Co.Caspar, which is a compilation of works from 1998 to 2003 that should have been released as 7'' on different labels, but remain unreleased for some different reasons. And this compilation is a very good idea, as the tracks are rather homogeneous and can be put together as an album on its own. The songs are based on spoken poetry, with the voices of Shaun Caton, Michael Dennis and Jeanne de Chantal, with Caspar's dark and weird sound experimentations. His work can be compared to electro-acoustic pieces with strong industrial roots, playing with all sorts of sounds that surrounds us, to create a magnificent and very special atmosphere, illuminating and oppressive at the same time. It seems that you're lost in a ghostly train station, with trains coming from all around, and a strange voice reading poetry in the microphone.

Excellent, recommended !

Stéphane F.
Spring 2004

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This record is also available via Tesco.