C.O.T.A. - Ta'Wil - CD - 6 tracks - Sonick Sorcery - 2004

Originally released by Charnel Music in 1997, 'Ta'Wil' stands as the debut album from the Californian duo 'Children Of The Apocalypse' (C.O.T.A). Luckily, this excellent opus has lately profited from a reissue through Sonic Sorcery. Those who discovered this project with the 'Marches and Meditations' cd should not be surprised by the musical contents and the quality of this past work.

Closely linked to The Wildlands Project, the 6 tracks that feature on this cd are inspired by profound magickal experiences and should not leave insensitive any listener who has an interest in dark, ritual and tribal music. 'Ta'Wil' opens with 'Blood and Soil', a very good track combining with accuracy acoustic guitar, water recordings, male chants, bird songs and percussions. Though it is difficult to distinguish a track amongst them all, as each musical particle takes part of the whole ritual and tribal atmosphere floating all along this record… I can't pass 'Dark Reaction' that is definitely my favourite track on this opus. A ritual introduction precedes a long tribal and ritualistic passage built upon hypnotic percussions, drones, bells, male chants, various electronics… A very strong and trancelike track!
The other material has this same ritualistic tribal feeling… 'Ismaeli' is based on ritual soundscapes, drone waves and loops, female chants, water recordings, percussions and male spoken words… whereas 'Songs For The Fifth World' sounds more atmospheric, aided by hypnotic beats, waves/loops of keyboards, percussions growing progressively in intensity.
The last track, 'Spiral Warfare' reveals a more orchestral and electronic approach that could disturb at the first listening but that, finally, reach the same dark ritual spaces...

This very welcomed reissue comes in a very nice textured and debossed six-panel digipack and is absolutely recommended!

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2004

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