ALLERSEELEN - Pedra - MCD - 3 tracks - Terra Fria - 2003

Released a few months ago on the newborn Portuguese label Terra Fria, this mini-CD features three new Allerseelen songs inspired by the theme of 'sacred stones' and recorded in summer 2003 especially for the Allerseelen concert in Sintra in last November.
Built upon Gerhard's spoken words, percussive rhythms and a martial bass (that reminds past Allerseelen works, 'Heiliges Blut' in particular) mixed with symphonic elements, the first song 'Steingeburt' ('Stone birth') is a powerful piece in the classic Allerseelen style. It is dedicated to the actress and priestess Diotima in the Leni Riefenstahl film 'Der heilige Berg'.
The second song 'Krieger Aus Stein' ('Warriors of Stone') reveals a pretty different atmosphere created by an entertaining string melody supported by a harsh bass line and combined with repetitive lyrics. It is inspired by the warrior menhirs of Palaggiu on the beautiful wild island Corsica.
The rather short last song Unverändert' ('Unchanged'), dedicated to the actress and stone witch Junta in the film 'Das blaue Licht', is based on a monologue by Gerhard with lyrics taken from 'Faldum' by Hermann Hesse. The magical mountain Rumer Spitze in Tyrol inspired the tense and hypnotic music.

All in all, three inspired songs that evoke ingredients of past Allerseelen works, in their minimal and organic approach as well as the magic and intense essence that emanate from them.

This mini-CD, limited to 500 copies, comes with a booklet featuring the original lyrics and their translation in Portuguese agreemented by nice photos of the three sites explored here by a very inspired Gerhard.


Nathalie F.
Winter 2004

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