ARDITI - Marching on to Victory - CD - 8 tracks - Svartvintras - 2003
'Marching on to Victory' is the debut full-length release from Arditi, a project formed by Henry Moller of Puissance and M Bjorkman. A first look at the artwork gives a clear indication of the themes that are developed within. Themes that have been covered many times before... No real surprise either for the music contained within, but it is sufficient to create the desired effect. Re-orchestrated classical compositions over-layered with bombastic military percussions, oppressive sound loops, cavernous vocals, samples of period speeches and old songs form the nexus of the bleak, desolate atmospheres that dominate this epic, apocalyptic soundscape.
A well produced, 'classic' sounding militant industrial album that is a notch above many current productions in the genre.
Ian C.
Contacts : Arditi - Svartvintras

BARZEL - A Shield of Defense and the Word of the Son of Blood - CD - 10 tracks - Tophet Prophet - 2004
Barzel is presented as a militant Jewish industrial project; a concept that might seem somewhat ironic to those accustomed to the imagery that is largely predominant in this genre. But the humour stops there on this debut album that explores the concept of "Zionism as an aesthetic/political avant-garde... the story of the heroic journey of the exiled and persecuted from the Diaspora to their ancient homeland… based on the teachings of Vladimir Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the poetry of Uri Zvi Grinberg, and the historical events of the previous century".
But beyond this innovative theme, the music is rather standard fare for the genre. All the usual power electronics ingredients can be heard on these ten tracks that form a raw-sounding and somewhat unequal album that reveals, nonetheless, a few interesting promises for the future. All in all, this is not a bad offering for a debut album that should interest those who are weary of tired clichés...
Ian C.
Contact : Tophet Prophet

FIRE+ICE - Gilded By The Sun - CD - 9 tracks - Fremdheit / Tesco - 2004
This re-release of the first Fire+Ice album 'Gilded By The Sun' is certainly good news for those who have missed this essential opus that has become more than hard to find for a few years now. Originally released in 1992 on NER, it features nine brilliant songs that have largely influenced the neofolk genre. Indeed, songs like 'Long Lankin', 'Corpus Christi', 'Blood On The Snow' and 'Gilded By The Sun', just to name a few, are definitely amongst the best in Fire+Ice's repertoire. 'Gilded By The Sun' stands as one of the essential apocalyptic folk album in the genre resounding with the depth and strength of Ian Read's voice. An indispensable classic that should have an honoured place in every apocalyptic folk record collection worthy of its name.
Nathalie F.
Contact : Fire+Ice, BM Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX, England
Distribution : Tesco Organisation

LAST DOMINION LOST - The Tyranny Of Distance - CD - 8 tracks - Tesco - 2004
Released by the major German label Tesco at the beginning of this year, the Last Dominion Lost album titled 'The Tyranny Of Distance' features material recorded in Australia in the early 90's by two former members (John Murphy and Dominic Guerin) of Industrial cult act SPK. All the tracks were produced with old analogue equipment mixing noiseloops, aggressive screams and harsh rhythms with a ritual touch and were remastered from the only surviving cassette master tape. So thanks to Tesco for having unearthed a document that gathered dust for a long time and that is reminiscent of classical 'Leichenschrei' SPK era. Amateurs of 'true' old school industrial music and novices interested in listening to the sound of the origins should do not miss this piece.
The cd comes in a digipack illustrated by photos of magical places in Cornwall and an lp edition limited to 500 copies must still be available.
Nathalie F.
Contacts : Last Dominion Lost - Tesco Organisation