V/A - Widerstand - 2xCD - 15 tracks - Stateart - 2003

Awaited for several years, the 'Widerstand' double CD compilation was finally released a few months ago by Stateart. Celebrating the seven years of existence of this well-known German label, 'Widerstand' was conceived between 1999 and 2003 and also marks the definitive end of the SA-series... All the artists present on this project (Propergol, 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse, Orphx, Allgrena, Control Resistance, Genitor Lvminis, Blood Conspiracy, Predominance, Dream Into Dust, Citadel, Survival Unit, Con-Dom, Maison Close and Wutanes Heer) have expressed their point of view regarding the theme of 'Resistance' and despite (or because of) the diversity of interpretations, I must say the result is more than honourable.

I will not bother you with an annoying detailed review of each track but I will nevertheless mention the contributions that really draw my attention. First of all and without any chauvinism, the two French industrial projects, Propergol and Maison Close, really deliver excellent tracks. Propergol opens the first record with a rather experimental track 'Alpha 60' built around samples taken from the 'Alphaville' movie, followed by a brilliant 'Fahrenheit', full of noises, rage, violence... one of those classical Propergol tracks that makes this band one of the most interesting in the power-electronics scene these days. As for Maison Close, the 'mysterious' French industrial project, the title 'Escape from freedom' that features on the second disc is a powerful power-electronics piece.
I will not forget to mention the surprising weird, industrial ambient contribution by 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse with 'Black sheep'. This excellent track created by Bryin Dall and mixed by Derek Rush (Dream Into Dust) is really worth discovering.

The second disc also reveals some very interesting works... The Predominance track 'To tame a land' features amongst the best contributions of this second part: hypnotic, ritual... closer to 'Hindenburg' and early Predominance works...
Nevertheless, the true surprise, on a personal point of view, comes from the Dream Into Dust track 'At the heart of the white rose'. The main reason certainly comes from the musical contrast this contribution brings to the rest of the compilation. Here, folk sonorities (acoustic guitar, cello...) are present, mixed with sampled male voice, percussions, drones... The text (present on the booklet) is based on a poem by Berthold Brecht, with vocal support by Bruce LaFountain of The Sword And Volcano Complex and Michael Moynihan. A great contribution, not to say the best!

The two CDs come in a double transparent DVD box with a futuristic artwork cover completed by a 20 page-DVD size booklet featuring the basic 'Postresistance - Here and now' English text (the French, German and Italian version of these notes are also accessible via the Stateart website).

1000 copies of this compilation were released and there will not be another reissue which is underlined by the 'Sazero' catalogue number.

An incontournable document about Stateart's rich past.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2003

web: www.stateart.de
e-mail: info@stateart.de