WUTANES HEER - Opus Alchymicum - CD - 7 tracks - Membrum Debile Propaganda - 2003

After the 7" ' and the very limited eponymous CD-R, both on Membrum Debile Propaganda, it is not surprising today to see the first album of Wutanes Heer 'Opus Alchymicum' released on this same German label...
Despite the discretion surrounding this Italian power electronics formation, Wutanes Heer follows his own path, featuring on few (but of quality) compilations such as 'Widerstand', 'Not Able To Organize', 'Don't hunt what you can't kill' just to name the more recent.

To get back to this first opus, the first impression (comforted by each listening) is that this debut full- length release is already mature, offering a surprising musical diversity that one could not predict through the first Wutanes Heer works. This opus is an alchemy of different styles (but with a personal sensibility) ranging from neo-classic (notes played from a music-box on the 'Intro' and piano part played on 'Albedo'), martial compositions to more classical death industrial parts. A dark, ritual and occult atmosphere shrouds an album largely dominated by dark-ambient influences.
The track 'Rubedo' realises an almost perfect fusion between ritual, noises and dark ambient sounds.
I am really subjugated by this composition... Amateurs of power electronic will also find their gem titled 'Nigredo', a subtle mixing of harsh electronic sounds with distorted vocals...

A nicely realised booklet including artwork dealing with Middle Ages and Alchemy imagery comes with the CD.

A really impressive first album that should gain the favours of amateurs of power-electronics and dark ambient music.


Nathalie F.
Summer 2003

Contact: wutanesheer@virgilio.it

Membrum Debile Propaganda: www.membrumdebile.de