TROUM - Darve sh - 10" - 2 tracks - Beta-lactam Ring Records - 2003

New release by the masters of 'Tiefenmusik', this 10" titled 'Darve sh' is the part 10 (of 12 records) in the Lactamase series released by Beta-lactam Ring Records.
As the title suggest it, the famous German duo offers, here, their musical vision of the Whirling-dervish. Contrarily to all their excellent previous productions where the sound could be described as dark atmospheric ambient industrial, the 'Darve sh' sonorities are less dreamlike and sound more pulsing, hypnotic, whirling... to bring the listeners to the limits of trance...
The masterful first track (titled 'derve sh' as the second one) begins as a wave that immediately catches and drags you in the giddy whirl. Based on repetitive loops, rotating and hypnotic sound waves, deformed voices... the intensity grows, minute after minute... to go beyond the state of trance... where the mind reaches the 'doors' of Enlightenment… Then, the second side can be played and the musical atmosphere can explore the ritual and ecstatic sates of this spiritual experience...

A new musical exploration from Troum that proves the huge talent of this influential duo to express the best trance-inducing potential of music...

This 10" is a limited and numbered edition of 500 copies.

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Spring 2003

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