V/A - Tel Aviv Aftermath - CD - 10 tracks - The Topheth Prophet - 2002

'Tel Aviv Aftermath' is the first production of the new Israeli label The Topheth Prophet, a label dedicated to experimental, dark, industrial projects currently active in the Israeli scene. This compilation offers the opportunity to discover the simple, like fragmented, but successful arrangements of the duo Grundik-Slava, New Jerusalem Defence Forces vocifying 'Make Law', the experimental-ambient of the 'Message' from Chaos As Shelter and above all the fragility and the emotion carried by the unique voice of Vera Agnivolok... on the track 'Golden Sun' where industrial music and traditional folklore form a perfect symbiosis, with accordion in the background...
The record comes with a complete and informative 16-page booklet, together with a coin that is neatly stuck to the CD.
All in all, an interesting release that lifts a veil on an experimental, industrial scene that it would be a lie to have guessed it was so active and abundant before the discovery of this compilation...

Nathalie F.
January 2003

Translation: Ian C.