REUTOFF - Unseen Rituals - CD - 7 tracks - Ewers Tonkunst - 2002

Fourth opus from this Russian formation that longer needs to presented, 'Unseen Rituals' is the first album to be released on CD after a series of tapes, CD-Rs and vinyls...
Reunited for the occasion with the label Ewers Tonkunst, already at the origin of the more discreet but none the less excellent releases that are 'Regno di pianta' and 'Prime', Reutoff deliver the ambient-industrial-ritual album that was expected from them... blending, with the usual brio, ritual, electronic, dark, post-industrial atmospheres, 'Unseen Rituals' definitely places itself as a strong album where a dark sonic alchemy of all beauty resounds... An album that explores the rituals that everyone accomplishes each day, the secret essence of these small gestures that everyone hides...
Whether the tracks are lead by an overtly martial electronic rhythm ('Vorahnung'), that they be overflowing with the sounds and atmospheres that are characteristic of Reutoff ('Sumrak'), or that the sonorities want to be more noisy and more painful ('Schlaf'), each one tends to be close to those universes, to those states that our initial perceptions maintain in the distance, beyond the veil of the visible...
The CD comes in an original sized booklet, agreemented by a few photos that you may perhaps spend a few hours to try and to discover the hidden sense... A Reutoff production that will lead you beyond your initial perceptions of things, where the true sense of the routine everyday gestures is revealed, there where the eyes are not only open but watch and understand, there where the spirits are awake... and ready.
An album that should definitely install Reutoff amongst the very best ambient-industrial formations in activity...
Hau Ruck! is not to be mistaken and after the release of their previous 7" and 10", renews its support to the band with the forthcoming release of a new CD entitled 'Gute Nacht, Berlin!'!


Nathalie F.
January 2003

Translation: Ian C.