REUTOFF - ReuTRauM II - 7" - 2 tracks - Kaos Control - 2003

'ReuTRauM II' is the fifth piece in the ReuTRauM series, Reutoff project aiming to explore different places of their city and deliver 'a sonic guide for a space-soul continuum of Reutov'... The series counts seven 7" and this new part was released on the Finish label Kaos Control in September, just after the 'ReuTRauM V' on Divine Comedy.

As usual, two tracks feature on this 7". 'Moor' on the a-side is a very powerful post industrial track! It begins with oppressive industrial hammerings progressively mixed with electronics, reverb, organic sounds... lamenting choirs, an insane/hysterical female voice that create a fearful atmosphere... An excellent track that definitely features amongst the best of the latest Reutoff compositions.
The b-side reveals a calmer track, 'Morn', a dark ambient industrial piece built around drones, loops, echoed sounds... that evoke macabre and soulless pictures... Strange feelings, full of repulsion, misery and abandon, float through the track...

All in all, two different but nontheless excellent facets of Reutoff post industrial compositions.

All the copies are pressed in a very nice transparent green vinyl and come in a full colour sleeve featuring photos of the area of Reutov explored here…
This is a limited edition of 500 copies that are not yet sold out by Kaos Control, so I can still suggest not to miss this item before it becomes an expensive and hard to find record.

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2003

Kaos Control: