OUR GOD WEEPS - Unity - CD - 11 tracks - HauRuck! - 2003

It was with great pleasure that I received this album from the Hungarian project Our God Weeps, which has just been (re)released on CD by HauRuck!. Our faithful readers already know all the good I think of this album that was first released as a CD-R auto-production in 2002. Needless to say, my opinion on this superb album has not changed since...
The music is an intricate mix of symphonic neoclassical harmonies and implacable martial rhythms enlightened by a deep and imposing voice that authoritatively recites texts in Hungarian. Texts that explore the analogies between God and Janus, in an attempt to analyse the relation between men and God, or their gods.
All these elements form a harmonious unity of sense and purpose and contribute greatly to the ever-present liturgical atmosphere of this work. The maturity and the quality of the musical compositions instil a timeless aura on the songs and confer a tragic and mysterious beauty to the album.
I know that I'm repeating myself, but this album is more than just beautiful music; it's a spiritual experience...

Strongly recommended!

Ian C.
Spring 2003

Contact: ourgodweeps@freemail.hu
Label: HauRuck!
Distribution: Tesco Organisation