NAEVUS - Sail Away - 7" - 4 tracks - HauRuck! - 2003

'Sail Away' is the first vinyl release from this Welsh duo, although they already have three albums to their credit. This 7" ep comes in a light grey cover illustrated by an old naval landscape taken from Andrew King's collection of vernacular art and, like all HauRuck! vinyl releases, is a limited edition of 350 copies.

The lead track, 'Sail Away' associates an enthralling accordion, a crisp acoustic guitar and basic percussions to Lloyd's distinctive vocals to produce one of the band's best songs to date. A terribly catchy, bittersweet, pop tune that irresistibly niggles itself into the listener's subconscious… The follow-up, 'The body speaks in tongues' combines heavy, discordant bass lines, high pitched eerie keyboard sounds and distorted vocals (à la early C93) to create a sinister, gloomy track that literally dissipates the cheerful, carefree atmosphere created by 'Sail Away'...
The flip side contains two songs that bear all the hallmarks of Naevus's particular style; clear-cut acoustic guitar and discreet fuzzy bass lines on 'Knee Deep' and drawn-out tense bass lines, dissonant guitar, strange keyboards and oppressive percussions on 'Water's Work'. These two tracks are particularly representative of the music featured the three previous albums, and round off perfectly this well-filled ep.

An excellent release that is worth purchasing for the lead track alone.

Ian C.
Autumn 2003

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