LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET - Hyperborean - 10" - 4 tracks - Der Angriff - 2003

Fifth volume of the 'Prometheus' series, here is the contribution by Lunar Abyss Quartet, a long standing Russian project that has released a few very limited CD-Rs and also features on the excellent Russian compilation 'Avangardia'. Nevertheless, despite a rather long period of activity Lunar Abyss Quartet seems to be for no valid reason an under appreciated project. But hopefully this 10" will definitely draw attention to them!

First of all, it may be useful to recall that four 10" in this Prometheus series were previously released by the Russian label Der Angriff... chronologically as follow... 'Pas De Acier' by Linija Mass, 'Remember' by Sal Solaris, 'Childish Songs For Ugly Useless Dead Friends' by Lucisferrato and 'Decima Mas'by Stalnoy Pakt. The last in date, coming after 'Hyperborean', being 'From The Womb' by Reutoff... Needless to say, all are excellent works!

The fifth part, recorded two years ago by Katerina Baryatinskaya and Evgeny Savenko is certainly the most accessible Lunar Abyss Quartet material I have heard so far. This 24 minute-long 10" contains four excellent tracks that create an unique overall feeling... A subtle mixture of ritual and dark ambient sonorities, repetitive and hypnotic timeless female chants, ritual and profound or distorted male voices, percussions, samples of horses neighing, sounds of breaking waves, flute, bells, loops of fanfare music, drones… create a very homogeneous ritual and almost indescribable atmosphere... not far removed from Wolfskin or the more ritual Karnnos compositions. I just can argue that 'Hyperborean' is an absolutely brilliant record (and the terms are measured) with 'something special' that, on a personal level, touches the heart and the spirit. A bit like these very rare records that surreptitiously enter one's life to find a definitive place in one's daily sound environment...

This record is limited to 300 copies and comes, as usual, in a nicely realised cover (front printed with silver on black elite paper and back with the 'Prometheus' silver embossed on black paper).

A new volume in the series that deserves at least the same reconnaissance as the previous and next (already released) parts and that is naturally highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2003

Der Angriff :