KNIFELADDER - Organic Traces - CD - 7 tracks - Operative Records - 2002

Knifeladder is a trio formed by John Murphy, Andrew Trails and Hunter Barr. Obviously, it's no longer necessary to present John Murphy, an artist whose talent has been associated, for many years now, with post-industrial or post-apocalyptic formations such as SPK, Current 93 or Death In June...
'Organic Traces' is the result of the explosive collaboration of this London trio. The album opens on 'Red Drum', a track with a hardcore rhythm set to a background of screeches and words that are declaimed in a rather tribal way... the tone is set... we will be given to listen a record full of energy, percussions, tribal power... alternated with more ritual passages such as the second track 'Faultline', lead by a slower and repetitive rhythm, where the vocals are whispered...
All in all, an album that will shake the persons confined to a single genre and that will receive the favours of an audience adept of extreme, chaotic music, be it tribal, ritual, post-apocalyptic... or even post-atomic! Knifeladder definitely places itself beyond/on the confines of any genre!
A record that proves, if it was necessary, the dynamism and the quality of the current London industrial-experimental scene, expressed by the various projects of the Operative Records label that is spearheaded by Knifeladder and Shining Vril alongside, amongst others, Naevus, Leisurehive...


Nathalie F.
January 2003

Translation: Ian C.