KALLABRIS - 81° n.B. / 178° ö.L. - 7" - 2 tracks - Drone Records - 2000

Released in October 1998 on the German label Drone Records, as a first limited edition of 250 golden vinyls, this 7" was reissued in December 2000 as a limited edition of 300 black vinyls.
With '81° n.B. / 178° ö.L.', the German experimental project Kallabris lifts the veil on 'the real story of the first kallabrist arctic expedition with the U-68'... To form your opinion on the truth of the information and the credibility of the argumentation, you can refer to the text that came with the first edition (only) of this 7" and is available here: www.kallabris.de/texte/polevoyage.htm
The first title begins with regular signals emitted by sonar in background, upon which is progressively grafted the regular ebb and flow of a dark wave of drones and the echo of a distorted voice... The sound is cold, almost distant. The ambiance is marked with depth, isolation, coldness and anxiety.
A similar feeling prevails while listening to the second side. The crew is in submersion; the atmosphere becomes darker and leaves room to a disturbing fusion of bell sounds, signals, drone waves, distorted voice, interferences... A feeling that is nevertheless attenuated by the gleam of light seen through the slow melancholic sonorities played at the beginning and at the end of the track by an accordion...

Well worth discovering.

Nathalie F.
Spring 2003

Kallabris: www.kallabris.de
Drone Records (label / mail-order): www.dronerecords.com