L'INSTRUMENT - Issue #1 - Zine - december 2002

At first view, it's always pleasant to see a new initiative emerge, in this case the new 'artistic, nihilist and eclectic zine' 'L'Instrument', open to industrial musics. So why not encourage this first issue by replying favourably to an interview request transmitted to the Heimdallr team. Unfortunately, we can only attest of the lack of seriousness, of rigour and intellectual honesty... shown by the responsible of this review. Instead of an interview, it's an article in the form of a manifesto that we find published in these pages. The initial questions have disappeared, as well as some of our answers... What is the aim of this sort-cut-paste activity on behalf of someone who boasts in his editorial to apply no form of censorship whatever, but who cuts apart the words of the persons concerned without their consent... it goes without saying! A doubt is cast, thereon, upon the validity, the credit to be given the whole content. As for the presentation of this so-called magazine, announced as 'well done in an artistic style', a bit more humility should have been applied towards a work just about proof-read if not to say botched, as can attest the manuscript finishings, the spelling mistakes and various misprints...
One should know how to refrain from publishing such a rag when incompetence, incorrectness and manipulation are the sole motivations of such an initiative, when the work is done with neither the seriousness nor the rigour required and the lack of musical knowledge is so obvious...


January 2003

"This is a story about people who like to waste time... waste my time, waste your time, waste their time; but time is against them. Time is everyone's master, including them..."

For those interested, the two versions of this 'pseudo interview' are available here.