V/A - Incendium - CD - 13 tracks - Loki Foundation/Power and Steel - 2003

Excellent compilation of the label Loki Foundation/Power and Steel, 'Incendium' regroups tracks from First Law, Turbund Sturmwerk, Predominance, Inade, Herbst9, Bad Sector, Land:Fire, Ex.Order and Virologic. In total, thirteen tracks amongst which some are extracted from ancient productions and others in preview... A unique occasion for those who are not yet familiar with Loki Foundation to discover, for the modest price of 5 euros, a label that is now indispensable in the dark-ambient industrial scene. A compilation that will also be of interest to the connoisseurs, curious to listen to the 'remix-track' 'Luftschiffe 2002' from Predominance, present on the forthcoming reissue on CD of 'Hindenburg'. As for 'American dawn' from Ex.Order, a track that is also in preview, it is a good augur of the quality of the forthcoming 'Broadcast 23' LP and makes the wait for this release even more impatient...

Indispensable for the Loki amateurs and for the neophytes...

Nathalie F.
February 2003

Translation: Ian C.