HIS DIVINE GRACE - Die Schlangenkönigin - CD - 10 tracks - HauRuck! - 2003

His Divine Grace, a mysterious -to say the least- French formation, renews with the Austrian label HauRuck! after their first album 'Reverse Aleph'. The ten titles that compose this new opus 'Die Sclangenkönigin' pay tribute to Ernst Jünger's novel 'On the Marble Cliffs' ('Auf den Marmorklippen'). From the first moments the spell works, the listener feels immediately transported elsewhere, to a mythical land... The storm rumbles and the mind floats to the slow rhythm of an atmospheric, ambient and melancholic music... close to the 'Die Weisse Rose' of LJDLP & Regard Extrême and to the ambiences of Land. The synthetic waves follow each other, loaded with their burden of melancholy, sadness and poetry.
Combining in a marvellous alchemy ambient, neoclassical sonorities with natural elements such as birds songs, breezes of wind, storm rumblings, bells and stream sounds... His Divine Grace presents us a magnificent album that deserves a particular attention, as the arising emotion grows upon each listening.
Dreams and reality intermix throughout this captivating and oneiric record, revealing the affirmed talent of His Divine Grace to render a strong, moderate and poetic homage to this part of Jünger's work.

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Spring 2003

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