HEATHEN NOISE - Sturm und Drang - CDR - 1 track - Auto-production - 2003

'Sturm und Drang' is the first recording I've heard from this mysterious Spanish project. It is a homage to the 'ultimate actor' Klaus Kinski, and draws its inspiration from his strong performances and eccentric behaviour.
The band uses organ, guitar and percussions combined with film samples and a variety of odd instruments and noises to compose this single 25-minute track that was recorded during a single session in December 2002. Despite its length, the track manages to captivate the listener's attention as it evolves through several phases that seem to reflect the atmospheres of some of the films shot under the direction of Werner Herzog.

The track opens with the sounds of a creaking door and a woman's scream which instil a creepy feeling that is prolonged by a long and sinister ambient passage combining monotonous drones, chimes, strange sounds and cold and gloomy organ sounds. Around half way, the music shifts in mood. Organic noises, tribal percussions combined with drawn-out and hypnotic guitar riffs and barely perceptible film samples build up a haunting and eerie claustrophobic atmosphere. The echoing and deranged riffs gradually increase in tension as they try to keep control over a track that seems to constantly totter on the brink of sanity, threatening at any moment to dissolve into a frenzy of white noise or a chaos of sounds...

A compelling first-release that should interest those who appreciate the work of Popol Vuh.

Ian C.
Summer 2003

contact: heathennoise@hotmail.com

distribution: Black Orchid Productions