HAUS ARAFNA - Butterfly - LP/CD - 13 Tracks - Galakthorrö - 2003

After the slightly softer and more danceable single "Für immer", Haus Arafna return to their old (more noisy) ways with their new album "Butterfly".
"Für immer" is best remembered from the mentioned single by same title and is presented here in a remixed version that I personally prefer over the original. While being not as danceable, it is certainly much scarier and much more disconcerting.
One of this album's strong points lies within the development of Haus Arafna's music, furthermore in their broader variety of shrieks, hissing and disquieting sounds, which create, aided by the nihilistic lyrics, a perfect sound-track for the individual on the edge of breakdown. In comparison to "Blut" and "Children of God", there are less distorted vocals on "Butterfly". Instead of screaming and squealing at you like a stuck pig, Mr. Arafna's voice echoes like from far away this time, which creates an atmosphere rather of resignation than of pure hatred. You may also notice that there is a trend to more melody on "Butterfly" as well, but don't get me wrong: This one is far from being pop, yet it sometimes reminds of older minimal electro bands such as Snowy Red or Absolute Body Control. On the other hand, songs like "Part of Fortune" are very reminiscent of Haus Arafna's side-project November Noevelet. This observation is more significant as regards content: The wrath and rage of their earlier albums have, to a certain extend, been replaced by disillusionment and maybe even a latent longing for reconciliation...

If you skip through "Butterfly" looking for over-the-top power-noise like, e.g. "Last Dream of Jesus" or "Holocaust", you might be disappointed. However, those who found the beauty in earlier songs like "Hell of a world next door" or "Paranoia" will be very fond of Butterfly.

Come on, let's dance dance dance before the music is over ...

Dirk A.
Summer 2003

Haus Arafna:

Track list:
1. Son of Cain
2. I kill to survive
3. Invisible
4. Für immer
5. Schockraum
6. Must we burn
7. Satanas and Friends
8. Scars
9. Hingabe
10. Part of Fortune
11. Agitation
12. Mirror me
13. Gravity to the end