GENOCIDE ORGAN - Genocide Organ - CD - 10 tracks - Tesco - 2003

Released on 1st March 2003 to commemorate the first Genocide Organ live appearance in Tokyo, this self-titled album contains sound material recorded between 1985 and 1990 and was originally intended for release in Japan in 1990 as Genocide Organ's second LP. This is the missing link between 'Leichenlinie' and 'Save Our Slaves'. Only three tracks have already been released on very limited productions 'Sturmfieber' and 'In the ghetto' feature on the 'Sturmgeweiht' tapes compilation and 'White Power Forces' features on the 'A Functional Chapter of Sexual Process' Japanese 7"), but for the first time all the tracks are presented together on a CD.
Do not expect ten tracks of essentially harsh pure industrial music! There is much more in this album! Monotonous electronic and vocal collages ('Born to be slaughtered'), ritualistic tone and rhythms ('Kindstod'), sounds/constructions based on repetitive industrial hammerings ('In the ghetto'), an oppressive atmosphere created by sample mixed with repetitive-noise loops ('Sturmfieber') side with more industrial-ambient but nontheless tense tracks ('Zentralinstitut', 'Swamp').
Of course, pure power electronic assaults are also present with titles such as 'Death to China I', 'White Power Forces' (in its original version) and 'Und morgen die ganze Welt' (with very aggressive vocals/sounds) that concludes the album in the best way! In a completely different style, 'Death to China IV' (part II features on the Tesco LP compilation 'Projekt Neue Ordnung' and part III on the 'Remember' double LP) uses some samples of a traditional Asian female song mixed with industrial elements and percussions to make this track one of my favourites together with the previously quoted three last 'pure power electronics' tracks.
Because of this diversity, this GO album is never boring; each listen offers a sound, a lyric, and/or a tension to capture!

No 'metal plate limited edition' this time... So I can be sure it is not already sold out while I am writing these lines and you have the time to take a breath before ordering this item... The CD comes in a two sided slipcase and contains an original artwork from 1990, in the same aesthetic vein as the one accompanying the two Japanese 7".

Some 'new unheard material from a long time ago' that should make you more than patient until the already highly-awaited 'Remember' in an 'updated reissue' form...

Just excellent!

Nathalie F.
Spring 2003

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